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Hi there!!! Remember me?!

Greetings, winged ones!!! How are all of my favorite readers?? Thank you all so very much for the sweet emails and tweets checking in on Book 3, it has meant so much!! I love you guys! I’m SO, SO, SO sorry I’ve been off the grid for such a crazy long time! My deepest apologies!! All good reasons at least:¬†First, I had another baby! This cute little guy:

Baby 2!
















Then I wrote about THIS baby, penning this special issue for Us Weekly:

US Royal Baby Bookazine




And then there’s the business of yet another baby: GILDED WINGS BOOK 3!!! It is FINISHED (and if you speak German, you can read it now!)

Otherwise, I promise it will, at long last, be out…in English…soon! I swear I’ll have a date very soon (the delay is a long, boring story but the book itself is a long, EXCITING story!) I promise it’ll be worth the wait! Thank you so much for your tremendous patience and for reading, you guys have no idea how much I appreciate you all! And stay tuned for SOMETHING SPECIAL to thank you for waiting! Hugs and kisses to you all!

xoxo, Aimee



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