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A Galaxy Not So Far Away

Back when I was in my first magazine job, as an assistant at Premiere, the brilliant film critic Glenn Kenny was kind enough to let me assemble the appendix for A GALAXY NOT SO FAR AWAY, a fabulous anthology he edited of essays about Star Wars. He got together an amazing group of writers–Jonathan Lethem, Kevin Smith, Neal Pollack, GQ’s Tom Carson, and on–to write about what that movie franchise meant to them. My job was just to put together pages and pages worth of examples of how Star Wars had totally permeated all aspects of our culture. You know, references to “Jedi mind tricks” and “the force,” things like that. I was remarkably well-suited for this  considering I still happen to have my childhood collection of Star Wars action figures. I mean not, like, hundreds of them. Just the major players: Luke, Leia, Han Solo, Darth Vader, a Storm Trooper or two, Lando Calrissian…OK, I’d better stop now.

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